Camelot Photography Wedding Contract

_______This agreement constitutes a contract for wedding portraiture services, including the taking of wedding pictures as agreed to by both parties: photographer, Camelot Photography and Contracting Party (Client). Unless otherwise specified. The contracting party grants Camelot Photography the unrestricted right to copyright, use and publish photographs of the contracting party for commercial, promotion, competition or other purposes without compensation or liability to the contracting party.
_______The number of photographs actually taken will depend on how long the ceremony is and how many people attend. A small wedding may result in 100-200 photographs, while a large wedding may result in 400-800 photographs. The actual number will be determined by your “must have” list.
_______All packages include 4 hours of photography time (exception is Destination Package). Additional hour of photography service requested at time of booking is $125 per hour for _____ hours, total of $_________.____ This fee is non refundable in case of cancellation or date change by client.
_______The wedding coverage (number of hours of photography) begins when the photographer arrives on site and ends at the final departure of the photographer from the wedding day events. No photography will take place in the sanctuary within 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. No formal photography will be taken within 10 minutes of the start of the ceremony, so that the photographer has adequate time to get in position for the processional.
_______Additional photographer time beyond the time contracted above and when requested by the Contracting Party is charged at $125 plus AST per hour and is payable prior to receiving preview workbook.
_______No proof prints are provided. Providing printed proofs of your wedding photographs is just a hidden expense that is passed on to you in most packages whether you really want them or not.
_______The studio will only book weddings on a first-come, first served basis. In order to book a wedding, we must have signed this contract and paid the studio the Initial Deposit and Consultation Fee of Seven-hundred-Fifty dollars ($750). Signing this contract makes the clients legally obligated to all the terms herein. The contract is only valid after acceptance by studio. If a photography package is not designated on this contract, it will be assumed that the client has chosen the Rose package. Two months prior to the wedding, the final Wedding Pose Checklist must be turned in along with the remaining balance plus taxes. Failure to pay off the balance at that time will be interpreted as a client-initiated cancellation, with no refunds.
_______ It is understood that Camelot Photography will be the exclusive and only wedding photographer. The studios equipment is set off by any guest flash photography, and results in my wedding photos being ruined by overexposure, underexposure, blinking, etc. We acknowledge that we are responsible for notifying all of our guests that guest photography is not permitted at any time the professional photographer(s) are operating. (The studio suggests that a separate notice be placed in the invitations.) Furthermore, the formal photography time is for the express use of the studio to capture the formal wedding portraits. Because of time constraints and the need for subjects to give full attention to the professional photographer, guest photography cannot be permitted. Camelot Photography will allow guests to take snapshots during the processional and recessional, during candid events at the church, and at the altar during the time the studio equipment is being packed up. Guest photography at the reception will be allowed at any time when posed portraits are not being done by the photographer(s) i.e. cutting the cake, first toast, first dance, garter, bridal bouquet. In return for this consideration the studio insists no other guest photography take place when or where Camelot Photography is working.
_______Client will be responsible for any location or permit fees (if required) on location shoots
_______The parties agree to a pre-event consultation approximately two to four weeks before the event date in order to finalize the actual shooting times, locations, event procedures and special requests for specific photographs. Please see attached form for the type of information requested.
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_______We, the clients, are responsible for paying for all photos of all poses that our families request. Unless specifically included in a package or otherwise arranged with the studio, all sales from studio or pre-wedding sessions will be made available as a separate purchase and will not count toward wedding package prints or enlargements.
_______The clients agree to provide a wedding manager (normally a family member knowing both sides, who is not responsible for any other wedding day activities) to assist the photographer. The wedding manager is responsible for:
– Locating subjects who are missing and needed for portraits.
– Accurately calling off and checking off shots on the wedding photography schedule.
– Reminding guests that no – photography is not allowed during formal photography.
– Helping communicate the photographer’s needs to other parties, including chauffeurs, caterers, disc jockeys (or bands), and other services involved in photographs.
_______All final orders must be returned within 90-days of your wedding or will be subject to any increase of prevailing prices
_______The terms of this agreement are valid for six (6) months after the date of the event. If no order has been received by that date this agreement will be considered completed in full.
_______If Photographer cannot perform this Agreement in whole or in part due to a fire or other casualty, acts of God or nature or terror, or other cause beyond the control of the parties or due to Photographer’s illness or injury, then Photographer will return all fees to the Client(s) but shall have no further liability with respect to this Agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Photographer. Client(s) agree that an entire wedding cannot be replicated, reenacted or repeated for the purpose of a re-shoot and limits Photographer’s liability to the amount paid under this contract. There will be a pro rated discount to the client if some error or malfunction results in the loss of a substantial number, or particularly important photographs.
_______On signing of this agreement by both parties hereto, the Photographer will reserve the time agreed upon and will not make another reservation for the specific time frame. For this reason, all reservation fees and deposits are non-refundable even if the date is changed or if the wedding becomes cancelled for any reason.
_______I / we, the undersigned Contracting Party, hereby warrant that I am / we are competent to contract in my / our own name(s). I / we confirm that I / we have read the herein agreement prior to its execution and I / we are fully familiar with the contents thereof. This agreement shall be binding upon us and our heirs, legal representatives and assigns. We certify that we have received a complete copy of this agreement with all blank lines completed.
The TOTAL PRICE for the wedding photography services above is $__________.00 plus9% AST of $_____.___ for a Grand Total of $_________.____ Terms: 25% or $________.__ RESERVATION FEE DEPOSIT (min. $750.00) upon execution of this agreement, a FINAL PAYMENT of $________.__ no later than sixty days before the event.

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Wedding Pose Checklist Ideas for Wedding Date:


Bride preparing before the wedding

BRIDE   o standing next to wedding dress   o being helped into wedding dress

o finishing touches to wedding dress & train   o headpiece and veil put on

o putting on garter   o w/ bridesmaids showing garters   o sitting on bed     o in dressing room mirror   o with Old, Borrowed, & Blue items

o at banister o looking at Clock  o w/ Flower Girl(s)

o Maid of honor puts penny in shoes   o Mother adjusting veil

Bride with Family & Bridesmaids — preparing before the wedding

BRIDE   o w/ bridesmaids (downstairs)   o w/ Maid of honor     o pins flower on mother

o pins Boutonniere on father           o with her siblings   o w/ her children   o leaving house

o Bride alone, formal   o Bride surrounded by flowers   o Bridal outdoor portraits, if nice day

o Father helping bride into car

Groom preparing before the wedding

GROOM o putting on tuxedo  o having tie adjusted by Best Man     o looking at watch    o w/ best man

o w/ best man and minister  o w/ groomsmen    o Candids of Wedding Party Preparations


Formal Portraits at Altar and Church Sanctuary  (if allowed by Church)

Special Attendant Photos

o Bride with Personal Attendant(s)   o Special music performers

o Bride & groom with special music performers   o Other attendants / helpers

o Bride & groom with pastor/minister/priest   o Bride & groom with readers

Family & Friends Photos

BRIDE & GROOM with o their children o all parents

o parents from individual sides  o divorced parents from individual sides

o HER special family  o HIS special family  o THEIR special friends

o HER full family (w/ Grandparents, parents, siblings & spouses, nieces/nephews)

o HIS full family (w/ Grandparents, parents, siblings & spouses, nieces/nephews)

o BOTH families (w/ Grandparents, parents, siblings & spouses, nieces/nephews)

o w/ BOTH immediate families (Parents and siblings)

o INDIVIDUAL immediate families (Parents and siblings)

Multi-generation (3 or 4 generations) pictures o BRIDE o GROOM o BOTH

BRIDE with             o parents             o siblings             o grandparents             o godparents            o friends

GROOM with             o parents             o siblings             o grandparents             o godparents            o friends 

o Family portraits of other family groupings (Number: )


Bridal Party Photos

BRIDE with             o bridesmaids             o maid of honor    o individual bridesmaids   o groomsmen   o best man

o flower girl & ring bearer

GROOM with             o groomsmen             o best man    o individual groomsmen   o bridesmaids   o maid of honor

o flower girl & ring bearer

BRIDE & GROOM with             o full Bridal Party             o full Bridal Party w/ ushers            o best man and maid of honor o flower girl & ringbearer             o ushers           o Flower girl and ring bearer

o Flower Girl Kissing Ring Bearer (on cheek)            o Bridal Party Couples (shots of each couple)

Groom Formal Poses  

o Full Length             o 3/4 length o Close-up on face     o Profile shot

Bride Formal Poses              

o Full Length             o 3/4 length o Close-up on face     o Ring next to face

o Sitting/lying with flowers laid on dress             o Standing in stained glass window 

Bride & Groom Formal Poses            o Full Length   o 3/4 length   o Close-ups on faces    o Kissing

o Groom putting ring on bride’s finger             o Groom kneeling down (propose stance)

o Bride and groom, carrying bride from altar / down church steps

o Unity Candle   o Kiss behind candle  o Rings & bouquet with guest book

o Hands with rings on bouquet   o Silhouette in church door   o Silhouette in stained glass window

o BRIDE close-up w/ Groom in background   o GROOM close-up ….  o Romance poses at church

Outdoor photos, weather permitting





Ceremony & Church Candid Photos

Entering Church (before ceremony)  o Guest signing guest book   o Grandparents being seated

o Groom’s mother on usher’s arm             o Bride’s mother on usher’s arm

o Other special guests on usher’s arm (specify)

o Bride and father at church entrance

Processional Photos  o Groom walking down aisle  o Bridesmaids walking down aisle (Number:____)

o Maid of honor  o Flower girl and ring bearer walking down aisle

o Children or other special attendants down aisle (Number: ____)

o Bride walking down aisle     o Giving away the bride

Ceremony Photos (only if allowed by church)   o Special music performers    o Special readers

o Altar from main aisle   o Altar from choir loft    o Bride and groom at altar

o Exchange of vows    o Ring exchange    o Communion (if applicable)    o Candle ceremony

o Bride and groom kiss at altar             o Bride and groom face congregation

o Recessional (couples walking down aisle (Number: _________)    o Candids of Ceremony

Church (exit)   o Ushering out guests    o Receiving line    o Bridal party on church steps

o Rice/confetti throwing  o Soap Bubbles   o Bride and groom getting into/next to limo

o Champagne toast in limo

Reception Photos

Candids at Reception/Party    o Bridal party, as introduced into hall     o Receiving line     o Guest Book

o Gift Table     o Shots of Decorations / Hall

Cake Photos    o Cake prior to being cut     o Close-up on top    o Kiss at cake   o Wine toast at Cake

o Cake cutting, posed, showing rings   o Bride and groom feeding cake   o Grooms cake

Head Table & Dinner Photos    o Head Table    o Best man toasts     o Bride & groom toasts

o Parents toast   o Other toasts   o Other Family Rituals   o Candids of wedding party

o Candids of Family & Guests    o Candids Table Shots of Family & Guests

Dance Photos  o Bride and groom’s first dance  o Parents dance  o Bride with father  o Groom with mother

o Best man and maid of honor dance  o Flower girl & ring bearer  o General dance shots

o Band/DJ

Bouquet / Garter Throw  o Throwing of bouquet   o Bride & bouquet catcher

o Bride showing garter      o Groom takes garter off bride     o Throwing garter

o Groom with garter catcher     o Garter catcher puts it on bouquet catcher

Leaving for Honeymoon     o Last dance      o Bride and groom in street clothing, with suitcases

o Bride and groom leaving reception      o Bride and groom leaving in car

Please add any additional pose requests.