Totally Unique Photographic Experience by Camelot Photography.

Camelot Photography is your Full Service Photography Specialist.  We specialize in Wall Portraits.  Whether Beach or Studio Portrait, Watercolor, Heavy or Light Oil our staff will use its professional expertise to see that you get the best, finished Portraits available.  This is our guarantee to you.

“When a painter conceives a brilliant thought and hastens to put it on canvas, how he sighs that he cannot, with one sweep of the brush, realize the thought in his mind. It is the proud boast of photography that it can do this”    

                                                                                                                         Photo notes.  1961

To better assist you, we ask that you contact us prior to your Portrait appointment for consultant.  Our staff will be glad to assist you with decisions concerning clothing, props, and atmosphere in order to better capture your own unique personality in your Portraits.

A Word about Our Reservation Fee

The reservation Fee is a service fee for the photographer(s) time.  It covers camera time and preparation of images to achieve the desired effect.  The reservation fee is a service charge and does not include any albums or prints.  The reservation Fee is due and payable at the time the session is reserved.  All reservation fees are non-refundable. Due to distractions and the limited window of opportunity to compose and capture your perfect Portrait  No other cameras are allowed including video during the session unless your chose our Bring Your own Camera Option.

Reservation Fees

Sunrise Family Photography          Up to 1 hour         150-350*

Sunset Family Photography            Up to 1 hour         150-350*

                                                    Family Photography (Non Prime)    30 minutes           125- 325*                                                   

Bring your own Camera

We Pose You Shoot              500. Consultation Fee

*$350 fee includes $200 of print credits good towards order, Includes Extended Families

Multiple Families sharing same session one photographer 2nd family Add $75.  3rd Family add $50.

two photographers available for larger groups call for quote

 Bridal                                             175

Children                                          125

Black and White/ Sepia                    125

Adult or Family Other                        125


  Selecting Your Portraits

Photos will be available for viewing on our website for 14 days at No charge. Print credits valid for 14 days.  Copyrights remain the property of Camelot Photography. The studio reserves the right to use any and all images. Digital scanning, copying or downloading of Portraits without written permission is a copyright violation.  We guarantee all price quotes for 30 days after your Portrait session.

All orders are to be paid at the time the order is placed unless prior arrangements are made.  Minimum order fee payable on or before day of session.  Master Card and Visa are accepted.   All orders are Custom Orders created for you. Canvas, Fine Art Paper, special computer enhancement and/or special print work, i.e. watercolors, black & white, colorization, etc. are offered.  See your photographer for availability and options.  Current Alabama Sales Taxes will be added to all prices.   Print credits valid for 14 days.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Any location use fees will be added to the session fee and the responsibility of the client.