Now that you have had your Family Beach or Mountain Portraits taken by Camelot Photography,


If you place your order within the first fourteen (14) days of your Previewing period and make payment in full within 24 hours, you will receive 15% off all image prints.  (14 Day Bonus Pricing)  Your order must be placed within FOURTEENTH days after gallery is posted. To help make the selection process a little simpler, once you have selected your favorites you may log back in and only view favorites.  You may also view a wall design guide that can be very helpful if you plan to display wall portraits.

All images ordered within your previewing period will be archived for one year and may be previewed for an additional seven (7) days by paying a $75.00 retrieval fee.  All images not ordered will be removed from our servers 30 days after your preview period expires. 

To access the gallery, please go

Enter the website, and, once inside, find and click the button  View Photography Sessions,  then select your session by highlighting your session or event name.  As you roll your cursor over each image, you will see option for Magnify, Add to Favorites, Order/ View Prices below your thumbnail images.  In the drop down box above you will see options for Viewing.  Thumbnail/ Full Size/ Slide Show/ Compare to help you in your selections.  Next create a favorites file by using your email address.  Create a password of your choosing.  Each interested party may create their individual favorites file. Once you create a favorites file you will be able to access favorites and compare to aid in your selections.

Note: This gallery will remain online for only Fourteen (14) days, and all orders must be placed prior to the expiration of your previewing period.  It is critical that you place your order within this previewing period in order to maintain your position within our workflow.

To navigate through your Gallery, select slide show in the drop down box.  The site will scroll through the  images automatically.  If you wish to navigate through the images more quickly, click stop slideshow, then hover your mouse cursor over the image displayed.

To place your order, please note the image number (found in the top right of the screen as you view the images in Full Size view), the size you wish to order and the quantity.  You may place your order on-line (we will apply incentives to your order once received) or you may simply email your order to me with package desired with sizes and image numbers. All orders are previewed and checked by our staff before any credit card billing.

For previewing purposes we have cropped most, if not all, of these images to 4×5/8×10, or 4×6/8×12 ratio.  For this particular session, most images will only work in the proportion in which they have already been cropped.  If the size you select doesn’t work with a particular image for whatever reason (for example, maybe you order a square picture, but the crop cuts off some critical part of the image) we will let you know!!

Most of the images are soft-proofed, meaning they have minimal edits.  Although there are a few exceptions, blemishes, etc., have not been removed.  Please note that all ordered enlargements will be hand-perfected (including blemish removal, etc.) before printing.  However, please feel free to send me notes regarding particular things you want corrected if possible.  One important thing to note is that print enhancements take time. Basic retouch and enhancements are included. Prints needing extensive retouching will be billed at $60 per hour with a ½ hour minimum.  Quotes available on request.

Current rate information can be found  at

In addition to your Wall Portrait or a la carte image purchase you may purchase the entire collection, consisting of up to 40 of your favorite  gallery images, which (besides being a beautiful collection of images) will ensure that all of the images are archived for one year.  The collection will be presented in a  40-page Traditional  or Digital Format album.  The Gallery Album will be custom-designed by me to include 40 bordered or Digital prints from your gallery.  If  your gallery includes more than 40 images, the additional prints will be packaged and delivered as individual prints or digital  images.  This complete collection may be purchased for $750. Please note that payment in full is required before any orders can be processed  (i.e. before any prints are ordered or custom designs are created).  All sales are final once we place your print order.


If you love the images, I hope you pass my name along to your friends and family.  For each person you refer who books a session you will receive a complimentary 8×10 print from your next session.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions!

Don Puckett

Camelot Photography

Note: Digital Files, press products (ect. cards and coffee table books) are not eligible for the 15% incentive for early orders.