Michelle has been in the photography business all her life. She gained valuable experience assisting and being second shooter on Weddings and Photography Sessions with both her Parents, who are both Professional seasoned photographers and are always a phone call away when she has questions or needs advice. She has worked with numerous other professionals on Photo Shoots on the Beach as well as Outdoor Environmental Photography Sessions.  She has taken all this knowledge and developed her own unique style of shooting. Her photojournalist style of shooting come from her days as a newspaper photographer.

Michelle Puckett Portrait Artist Michelle Puckett Portrait Artist

She has a good eye and a natural talent for seeing the image. Her experience in front of the camera as well as behind the camera has helped her to refine her talent and see the business from both sides of the camera. Unlike a lot of photographers today, she has experience in both Film and Digital Photography. Michelle worked as staff photographer for a local daily Newspaper, meeting tight deadline and developing her own Black and White and Color film.

Her experience photographing children as a school photographer for a National Photography company, photographing families for a regional photographer, as well as photographing weddings and seniors have all contributed to her level of expertise.

Michelle has a diverse background. She studied abroad in Germany for 6 years. She is personable and easy to work with and lives in North Georgia.  She  travels thru out the Southeast on assignments.  Let Michelle get the perfect pose and expressions to capture your memories “One Moment at a Time”.

Personal Note from Michelle’s Dad,

Michelle was always available when a model was needed for a new pose or Prop since she was never far away from the camera. From her early days of celebrating her first birthday in New England on a photo shoot to outfit changes in her Dad’s van, while warming up in-between, at a shoot in a Forrest Persevere in Chicago.  Michelle has always been around photography.  I remember her remarks on her first portfolio shoot on a cold day in a Chicago park. “Daddy, I’m cold” as her teeth were chattering, it was time to wrap it up, to shoot another day.  Michelle has assisted me on numerous photo shoots.  On one wedding shoot she became lead photographer while I assisted. It helps to have a network of photographers to call on when the need arises. I fell and tore my rotor cup and had to have shoulder surgery.  The wedding had been booked far in advance .  I had no hesitation calling Michelle and having her drive 500 miles to shoot a wedding while I assisted.  She did an excellent job and the couple was ecstatic over their Wedding Photographs and album. I am comfortable with Michelle filling in for me on any of my assignments.   She will help you capture your memories one moment at a time.

Don Puckett

Camelot Portrait Photography

Orange Beach AL