Beach Portrait Clothing Suggestions

Beach portraits on Alabama’s Gulf coast enjoy a beautiful white sand foreground with (hopefully) golden sea oats around you and a blue sky with blue-green water in the background.  That setting is the prettiest when you color co-ordinate your clothing.  The best is either all White, Khaki and White, Black and Khaki or Denim and White or Black.  Turquoise as well as light pastels also work very well.  Darker colors are hot but photographs nice.  The images jump out at you and add contrast.  Darker blue jeans or stone washed colors also photograph nicely.

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The more effort you put into your clothing selection now, the better you will like the finished portrait.   We are not the “clothing police”.  We will photograph you as you come but we want your portraits to be something special and you will have a lot to do with the success of that effort.

We also recommend that you do not put lotion or oils on before coming for your photography session.  As you sit down, they cause the sand to stick to you.  The wind is usually blowing, so if someone in your group has long hair come prepared with Brush and clips if needed.  We do our best with the weather conditions on the day of your shoot but keep in mind we are outside on the Beach so come prepared.  

Photographers photographing in the Alabama State Parks must be approved and permitted.  Be sure your Photography session is fun and enjoyable and your photographer is an Approved Alabama State Parks Photographer.  Camelot Photography is an approved Alabama State Park Photographer.  Copied from the web Site,  Approved Vendors.  


“There are now approved locations at both the Gulf State Park Pier and Beach Pavilion inside the dune area to take photos.  That will be the only place for any photography to take place. This is for both professionals and families. This is being enforced in hopes of preserving our beautiful beaches at Gulf State Park.”